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5 Tips to Get Your Child to Be More Active

Kids today definitely have way more technology than children born before the millennium. Sure, other kids had television and video games, but today's kids have technology at their fingertips at any given moment, no matter where they are. This can sometimes be convenient for you as a parent. However, too much technology and inactivity can lead to multiple health concerns for your child.
Some health concerns that you need to watch for include problems with your child's eyesight, obesity, and depression. Other concerns from being inactive include diabetes, lack of muscle, inability to focus, and loss of sleep. These can all be very concerning for your child's overall health and well-being.
Read on for tips to get your child away from the technology and get more active.
1. Limit Technology
If you have never set limits on technology in your household, it's time to start enforcing a rule. Television, video games, and other types of technological devices should be limited to two hours or less daily.
If your child is spending more than two hours per day with any tech devices, you need to set a rule and start limiting this time. Encourage more activity or other types of activity, rather than simply using tech devices.
2. Plan Family Activities
Kids learn from what you do, so if you're sitting on the couch watching television, playing video games or sitting on your phone, your child is going to want to do the exact same thing. Make it a family priority to include some sort of physical activity in your daily routine.
Whether it's a family bike ride, hike, walk or some sort of physical game, include it in your day. This will help not only your child but also your entire family. All of you will be able to get healthier, and you'll create a closer bond with your family.
3. Enroll Your Child in a Sport
If your child is old enough to sign up for a sport, do so. Ask your child what they may be interested in and sign them up. Sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, karate, or gymnastics all promote activity, while also being a great way to socialize your child a bit more with other children their age.
A structured sport can help your child in other ways as well, such as learning to follow rules, about discipline and respect, and to be more responsible. 
4. Enroll Your Child in a Non-Sport Group
Some children just aren't interested in sports at all, which is fine. Other types of activities may still be beneficial to your child to get them active, without being an actual sport. Groups such as 4-H, boy scouts, or girl scouts can also be physically active without causing the stress or anxiety that a structured sport might cause them. 
5. Join a Playgroup
For younger children, sports and other activities may not be an option just yet. Join a playgroup or set up play dates with other children. Go to your local park, or another type of play facility so your child can play with other kids and still get the activity they need. Enrolling your young child in a pre-school can also be beneficial to your child. 
Children should have at least two hours of physical activity each day and technology should be limited to less than two hours per day. Encourage your child to be more active by being more active yourself, and having a positive attitude about it. 
Talk to your pediatrician at Kids Avenue Pediatrics about other tips to encourage more physical activity for a healthier lifestyle for your child. 



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