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Child Well-Care Visits in Metro Atlanta, Georgia 

A Comprehensive Appointment

Contrary to popular belief, a well-care visit is more than a physical exam. It covers many more aspects of your child’s health and ensures their complete well-being.
When your son or daughter comes in for a routine well-care visit, they will be screened for behavioral and mental health issues, learning difficulties, substance use, social problems and sexual activity in addition to physical health problems. We also monitor development, address current and past medical conditions, update immunizations, perform needed screenings and give guidance. Each of these phases of a well-care visit provides needed information in developing your child’s complete health history.
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Benefits of Well-Care Visits

These routine appointments yield a number of benefits. First and foremost, well-care visits help build a health history for your child to help you see how they have changed and developed. This history also provides information for recognizing and addressing health challenges. Staying consistent with these appointments prevents disease, creates strong relationships among parent, patient and child and keeps your child feeling his or her best.

Take a Team Approach

You don’t have to manage your child’s physical health by yourself. Together with our talented and caring providers, you have partners in promoting healthy, happy children. Take the first step in the right direction for your son or daughter and make Kids Avenue Pediatrics your primary pediatric care provider today. Call our office to schedule your first appointment.